How to Start + Grow + Monetize A Newsletter (Dylan @ Growthcurrency)

Subscribe Now  Show Notes  In this episode we talk about: How to Start + Grow + Monetize A Newsletter W/ (Dylan @ Growthcurrency) You will find out the two things you need to build a newsletter (they are both obvious, but you NEED both). Why blogs are dead and newsletters are the way to go. The 4 different options to […]

How to Build a Course (that your audience will actually buy)

Subscribe Now  Show Notes   In this episode we talk about: How to build ASSETS that will build your future today and tomorrow so we aren’t just relying on these Creator platforms to pay you. Each step of the way to building your first course (by asking one single question to your audience). How much to charge if no one […]

💡🧠 What No One Tells You About Creating 🧠💡

Subscribe Now  Show Notes   In this episode we talk about: MINDSET for Creators🧠🧠🧠 How Creators need to look Long-Term and not short-term when we Create. This is what EVERY Creator needs to learn and hear on Day 1 so we start on the right foot for our future. Enjoy the show Creators.     0:00 – Intro  1:42 – Daren Smith  2:30 – Mindset Magic  ………………………………………………………. The […]

The Advice You Need From a Full-Time Creator 2 Years Ahead of You

Subscribe Now   Show Notes   In this episode we talk about: The Best Advice on how you can create a course for your audience. Can you rely SOLEY on YouTube as your Full-Time income? How you can PIVOT your YT channel without worrying that you will completely ruin your channel. Video is King right, but people still read blogs. […]

How to Get Your Audience to Come Back to Your YT Channel EVERY SINGLE TIME

Subscribe Now  Show Notes  Do you want your audience to BINGE your videos on Youtube? They open the app and they are bombarded with YOUR videos? In this episode, we go over the Spider Web Effect that will have your audience craving to watch your next set of videos. You will learn a very SIMPLE technique to make more […]

The Ups and Downs of Being a Creator

Subscribe Now   Show Notes   Have you ever felt this way as a YouTuber:  No one watches me…why do I keep doing this?  Your journey as a Creator will undoubtedly be filled with UPS and DOWNS  You are not alone in how you feel.  I asked 3 Creators to tell us about their journey on this week’s ep  Enjoy the […]

How to Land your First Sponsorship Deal (Cheat Sheet)

Subscribe Now   Show Notes  Do you want to make some real money as a Creator? How about $1k a month, $3k…more? I can’t promise you anything, but when you listen to this episode and put in the effort you can’t lose. Have you ever thought about a brand deal or Sponsorship? If you haven’t well this episode […]

Make Affiliate Sales like Annie Dube (Explained from a Marketing Perspective)

Subscribe Now  Show Notes Are you getting a few bucks here and there with your affiliate links? Want to get MORE sales and learn a bit of marketing all at once? In this episode, I go over 3 marketing principles that will help you get more sales with examples along the way.    0:00 – Intro  1:47 – Target Audience  3:52 – […]