Show Notes
In this episode we talk about:
How to make an extra $100-200 a month with very minimal startup using Skillshare. Without being an expert in your field or any marketing knowledge.
He gives you the exact steps to make $100-200 as a Creator/YTer.
What if we fail as a Creator? We spend ALL of this time getting good at Youtube, but what if we just fail?
Collin shows us how we CAN NOT FAIL if we have the proper mindset. If you fail, you can still make money and be successful with what he tells us in this episode.
The best part of all of this is that he came from pushing carts at Home Depot and in 2 years amassed over 100k subs on YT.
With his mindset and tips, you can too.
Enjoy the show Creators.
0:00 – Intro
10:07 – THREE Things Stopping you From Going Full-Time
15:44 – Failing as a Creator isn’t Possible with this Mindset
18:40 – How Much Does Collin Make Per Month? (A LOT of income streams)
23:11 – Affiliate Marketing in 90 seconds (how-to)
24:31 – YT Isn’t Where you Make Money (here’s why)
25:46 – $200/Month Skillshare Method
32:40 – The Logic of Going Full-Time
41:27 – If Collin had to Redo Everything from the Beginning, Here’s his Advice (don’t make the same mistake)
48:20 – Where do you Find Collin
51:05 – Outro
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