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Welcome everybody. To the first episode, the trailer episode of content creators library. This is a weekly podcast for all content creators whether your a YouTube Twitch streamers, social media creator. Tiktoker blogger. If your making content for your audience. This podcast is for you now, what do you get out of this podcast? I’ll be interviewing other kinds of creators and asking questions like how they got started? What software do you use, edit your videos with, how do you use social media for marketing?How do you make money with your Instagram Tik TOK or Twitter accounts? Fastest strategy for getting views and many more. I want you to stop right now, Hit subscribe in your favorite podcast app. So you can get the first episode download as soon as released. Launching October 1st with the goal of at least 81 downloads in our first week per buzzsprout, which is a podcast hosting platform.This will put US in the top 25% of podcasts. Is that a stretch? You better believe it is, but let’s make this happen.

Other Episodes at a Later Date When I Have More