Show Notes
In this episode we talk about:
How to Start + Grow + Monetize A Newsletter W/ (Dylan @ Growthcurrency)
You will find out the two things you need to build a newsletter (they are both obvious, but you NEED both).
Why blogs are dead and newsletters are the way to go.
The 4 different options to host a newsletter (FYI they’re all FREE!)
Even Dylan had a rough go at the beginning and the advice he gives to all new Newsletter beginners.
What to name your new fancy newsletter without making it too about yourself (don’t make this mistake).
How to MONETIZE your newsletter without doing any work (let brands come to you).
How often to send out newsletters and what to do if you miss a week or two or even a month.
Enjoy the show Creators.
0:00 – Intro
7:57 – How + Why to Start a Newsletter
16:35- Blogs are Dead, but Newsletters Aren’t!
19:54 – Where to Host the Newsletter (4 Options)
24:39 – Even Dylan had a Rough Beginning (mindset is what matters)
25:54 – Do We Name a Newsletter?
29:30 – How do we Monetize a Newsletter? (the fun part starts here)
33:13 – + Swapstack Marketplaces
34:59 – Titles + Teaser Text
38:02 – How Often to Send out Newsletters (and what happens if we forget a week?)
41:28 – WTH Do you Even Write About?
44:36 – How to Get Feedback
50:22 – Who does Dylan Learn from?
51:50 – Where is Dylan at rn?
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