Show Notes
Do you want to get seen on multiple platforms?
What if you could show up on TikTok, Reels (IG), and YT….basically every major video platform?
Do you think this would help you grow bigger and faster?
If you are a busy Creator then this episode will break down how repurposing your content will get you EVERYWHERE. Without spending 3X the workload to get on all of these platforms.
Enjoy the show Creators.
0:00 – Intro
1:32 – Who is Karleigh?
5:44 – Repurpose To get 48 Hours in the Same 24 Hours
8:06 – 3X Your Chance of Views with 1/3 or So of the Effort
12:47 – Repurpose with Purpose (don’t make these mistakes)
23:07 – Is Repurposing Cheating?
31:54 – Example of Repurposing not Cheating and is Helpful!
35:04 – What if My Content Repurposing Sucks?
37:44 – When Should We Start?
45:24 – Scheduling Repurposed Content
48:50 – Brain Dump Software YOU NEED (it’s free)
58:56 – The BIGGEST Reason to Repurpose Content
01:00:38 – When Should we Pay to Outsource this?
01:08:25 – Where is Karleigh at?
01:09:21 – Outro (Get your First Sponsorship!)
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Other Episodes at a Later Date When I Have More